10 Ways to Prepare Your Business For the New Year

10 Ways to Prepare Your Business For the New Year

2016 is just about outta here and if you haven’t begun already it’s time to do some end of year and start of year preparations. Before you get started take a moment to reflect on what happened for you in 2016.  Grab your free 2017 Reflection and Vision...

SP13: Passion vs. Purpose with Develda Edgington

Develda Edgington, MA, MFT-I “The Purpose Profitizer™” helps you build the life you desire and deserve by extracting and monetizing the gifts, passions, and talents lying dormant within you! She is a Transformational Speaker, Master Trainer, Consultant, and Chief...

SP11: How to Turn Tragedy to Clarity With Rosie Anipare

Rosie Anipare is a Systems & Automation Strategist. She helps authors, coaches and spiritual entrepreneurs save time and become more productive by creating and implementing individually designed systems that put their business on autopilot. This allows them to...

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